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Tips for Closing More Deals with Your CRM Software

As a passionate entrepreneur, you are highly dedicated to your new company’s success. You may have already purchased customer relationship management (CRM) software and you are excited to use the system to help manage your customer data, clients and contacts, and automate sales. Now that

Five Benefits of Multichannel Marketing

If you still believe that having a website is enough to succeed with a new business, you might be up for a surprise. Most large brands are now creating a multichannel marketing campaign to improve their communication and branding results, while reaching more customers in

Creating A User Centered Website

A lot of companies create a website whilst only thinking about the money they’re going to make from it, rather than the experience the user is going to have whilst on it. It’s no secret that a business website is one of the biggest selling

Common Web Design Mistakes Start-Ups Make

In today saying age, there is nothing more important and having a quality website. Your website is more than just a pretty picture. It is a representation of your brand. It should tell customers exactly what your business is about. It also needs to function

Are You On-Brand Enough?

In this incredibly digital world, a lot of people talk about things like content, engagement, and growth hacking. But while these may be the on-trend topics of the time, they aren’t the only things you should be focusing on if you want to ensure that

Want to Start a Manufacturing Business? Read On

Starting a business is always tricky and challenging, but the challenges are often even greater when you’re starting a manufacturing business in particular. It takes a certain set of skills and priorities to make a success of a brand new manufacturing business. It’s something that

Art Pope - Southern Business Review

Art Pope On Giving $10 Million to UNC

Largely because of what we learned at Chapel Hill, we believe excellence isn’t just about the amount of money an institution receives but about how well it is spent. When UNC announced its $4.25 billion “Campaign for Carolina,” the Pope Foundation studied the university’s needs